Monday, December 21, 2009


O.K., These are not the World's Ugliest Sweaters, but they are looking a bit's too long, the other is too short (and in that "this-sweater-was-in-style-about-8-years-ago" way).

I still love the colors though, and the textural interest created by the different patterns, the open stitching (forgive me if that's an incorrect term, I do not knit) and the ribbing is lovely.

The soft pink mohairiness of's like a pink wooly cloud.

This one has some silk in it and is not at all scratchy but quite soft.

You can probably guess where this is going.
It's really hard to get started. You feel a frisson of danger, of destruction and doom. The fear that even though every time you put the sweater on you think, "Nooooo...too short, too long, too can't find the right thing to wear under it", you will make it even worse.
But then you start to cut. And let me tell you, it gets easier. Almost frightenly easier. The lavendar one is already gone...
Come back in a few days and you will see...

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