Sunday, March 21, 2010


It took me so many years of my life to admit to myself that I HEART FASHION. No wait, at first I knew it and reveled in it, then by about age 12 I learned that was "shallow" and so had to secretly revel in it, then I majored in it in college (yes, you can get a "real" degree (BS, and I don't mean BullShit) in it, and yes, even from a "good" school).

(long autobiographical pause) But now I often find myself somewhat hesitant to put it out there again...until recently. My fashion obsession has again swamped the canoe of sanity and has taken control of my life again. I cannot help it.

Fashion makes me happy. That's what I have all those magazines for. All those sketchbooks. All that...fabric. Truly though, if I am feeling down & out or cranked up & stressed or just plain overwhelmed, fashion pulls me up, calms me down and just makes everything better.

Perhaps it's the colors, the textures, the harmony of different elements blending together to make something new. Often it's just the "new" part. The visual presentation of ideas that delight, surprise, confirm, and ultimately stimulate new ideas.

It could be the promise of re-invention, of self-creation or maybe just the external expression of the mood of the day.

Whatever, fashion makes me happy. I heart fashion.

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