Monday, January 11, 2010


I decided I'd better put a picture of something GOOD & PRETTY on here to make up for the post. No, this is not truth in advertising. I am pretty wrung out from a whole day of people demanding something from me.

Then when I click onto the little "thumbnails" tab and see the front pages of the sites I frequent, I find myself looking at this one, thinking, "Man, no one has updated that one yet. It's still the same photo!" Then I think, "Oh, right! I change the picture! I update the thing!"

Perhaps I was expecting the blog fairy to come and post something creative and funny for me, complete with a full-color photo? Hmmmm, not going to happen, you say? I'd settle for an uninterrupted hour, just to think read or write. Or sketch. Or drink coffee. By myself or with friends...

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