Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is actually part 2 because I added it after the previous post, but it shall be considered part 1 as the REAL post is the previous one.
I did want this picture to be the first though, because one of my oh-so-important New Year's Resolutions is to drink more coffee. In keeping with my general list-making philosophy, I always put at least one thing on the list that I know I will actually do. Stuff like, "invest wisely in stocks and bonds" doesn't usually make the list.
Besides, I mean, Drink more coffee WITH FRIENDS. So read on...


  1. I LOVE the "drink more coffee" resolution

  2. Hey I can do that too! I can also add sleep less as a new year's resolution to my usual exercise regularly and cut down on transfats!

    Seriously, i like the thought, it's got a linkage to mine "to be more present with who I am with, talking to for business or pleasure, of course family instead of in my mnemonic list of to-do's running through my head like my grocery list and all the things I want to draw a line across as DONE before the kids get home from be more present, listen more actively, drink more coffee, laugh and love life more instead of being busy but no memory of what I did!