Friday, January 1, 2010


Damn! The chocolate photo is at the top again! I really wanted a cup of coffee there! Anyway, on to my HAPPY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS! In case you didn't notice, that's a Wheel of Fortune answer to the clue: "before & after". The reason I know this is because my parents watch Wheel. Every day. Sometimes I happen to be over at their house at Wheel time. And frankly, their "clues" stink. Before & Afters are the only ones which really make sense to me.

The List (not in order of importance):

Eat more chocolate. Everyone should have this on his/her list. Why? Because chocolate is good for you. Not just good, good for you. GOOD for you. Good FOR you. Good for YOU!

Procure a really crazy, out there pair of shoes. Way crazier than the ones I have, some of which ressemble Munchkin footwear or which cannot decide if they are sandals or boots. Really crazy ones. I say "procure" as I may have to make them or steal them since the really crazy ones cost more than my car.

Make some super-cool baby shoes and give them to my friend who is super-cool and will need them in a few months. Thought I was going to say "have another child"? Never say "never", hahahaha. HA!

Own a real piece of Rick Owens clothing. May have to become a busker to raise extra cash. No, that is not vernacular for hooker. It is also not someone who clears tables in a restaurant. Look it up!

Wear Steger tall moosehide moccasins with something really fancy, like a ball gown or a silk suit or something...should be easy as mine are black and BLACK GOES WITH EVERYTHING!

Just a few more additions for which this format will not permit more photos...
Drink more coffee.
Be positive about as many things as possible. Look for the best in people, even if they are mean and have big hair. O.k., maybe not then. I could forgive the meanness, but never the big hair. No, let's reverse that.
Give random people some happiness. Tell them you like their shoes or that they have a nice smile or that they should "have a nice day" BEFORE they tell you. Sure, they might think you are hitting on them, but do it anyway. It will make their day and yours too.
So Happy New Year to You!

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  1. just so you know, a busking license in Chicago is $200 for two years.