Monday, September 28, 2009

Harry Potter, an Iconic Fashion Statement


As a not-R & F Person (Rich & Famous), I would just be considered incredibly odd or incredibly cheap if I wore these delightful Harry potter-meets-bejeweled-reading-glasses-look on the street.

If I was R & F, pictures of me, looking artfully disheveled and wearing these tape-embellished glasses would appear in magazines everywhere. Young, aspiring trendsetters across the nation would rush to sport the quirky, bohemian new look. There would be a run on tape and 3M stock would go through the roof, making stockholders and employees everywhere dance with jubilation.

I don't know why I've decided to advertise recently that I'm so thrifty (well, yes I can, I'm so excited about bargains), but "never miss a chance to make fun of yourself", that's one of my 17 mottos...
Here's a closer look for all you do-it-yourselfers...captivating, aren't they?
Vogue accessories editor Sahvahnah Shalom breathlessly described them as, "A triumph in re-inventing recessionista chic...the asymetry and the unexpected combination of two such disparate fashion genres...the rhinestone-embellished glasses and the masking tape...make a statement not seen before in the fashion world..." while several people in my own home added, "Pathetic..."
No where before has someone referenced Harry Potter, 3M, Vogue, and Bejeweled Reading Glasses in the same iconic accessory. And that's exactly what I meant to do...

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