Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Dahling, I LIVE for (faux) fur!"

(note the Lush Pile)

Yes indeed! Today's iconic fashion quote comes from your favorite fur-crazed fashionista from hell, Cruella De Ville! This short ivory faux fur cocoon coat has absolutely no dalmationish markings on it, I may point out. I may also point out that I meant the photos to be in reverse order, starting with the eerily moody full-length shot and moving toward the more close up one showing the lush pile.

I have curated an extensive coat collection over the years. This is my newest addition which I'm sure will be a wardrobe staple even though with no closures, 3/4 length sleeves and a fairly short length, it makes no sense at all here in the harsh northern climes. But everyone knows we must suffer for fashion even if it means the occasional frost-bitten extremity...

(eerily moody shot)
Well, I'd better go. I'm leaving for New York City tomorrow and I'll probably be seated in the front row at all the big fashion shows. Oh, wait, New York Fashion Week is over! Everyone's in Milan now. Still got to go, "no time to palaver!"

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