Saturday, September 26, 2009

Totally Thrifty

I just love those glossy fashion blogs where the people are running into the designer shows during London, New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Also the ones of Beautiful People in their Beautiful Clothes in their Beautiful Lives.

They always have great shoes, the kind I only see in magazines, totally impractical, so sculptural and phenomenally realized that I must prevent myself from hyperventilating.

Just the fact that these women are willing to walk any distance in those sky-high heels shows their steely and unwavering dedication to the fashionable life. Since I don't live in a (fashion-wise) Beautiful City, you won't see that type of photo here.

In the Fashion Hinterlands, we must Make Our Own Fun. We must scrounge up our fashion, patch it together and take pictures of ourselves in the mirror.

Just like the Cool Girl blogs, I will now describe my Totally Thrifted Outfit:

"Outfit: Vintage Ralph Lauren cropped denim jacket, Anthropologie ruffle front top, 100% silk leopard print skirt, BCBG patent accent platforms, all thrifted" Total outfit cost: $9.97

The jacket is the best, it's SO eighties, really cropped and boxy. Makes me want to run for the hairspray and find some of those really close-fitting acid wash jeans. Well, not really! The sandals are super-cute but the closest thing to Chinese footbinding I've ever worn. Good thing I only paid $6.99 for them!
Au revoir...

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