Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Here it is, folks! The product you have been waiting for your whole life even though you never knew it existed! If you take the time to read the label, you will discover that the ANTI-PUFF EYE ROLLER GEL is far, far more than an ANTI-PUFF EYE ROLLER GEL...it is a product which will DELIVER CAFFEINE into your system directly through the delicate skin around your eyes!!!

With a product like this, who needs Mayan Black Onyx Roast? Now the dark circles you used to get from staying up way too late or getting up way too early, activities enabled by copious amounts of caffeine, can be eradicated WHILE you are getting your caffeine!

This is probably the first thing ever (well, since the Nair commercials from the 70's and we all know that stuff not only doesn't work, it stinks) that I have purchased as a direct result of seeing an ad on tv. And it wasn't the anti-eye puff promise that hooked me, it was definitely the caffeine! And just look at how lovely and anti-puffy the eye on the box looks. Too bad about that lime green swoosh underneath though...

Do my eyes look "instantly renewed and refreshed"? I guess you can't tell, because I'm wearing sunglasses! It promises that "In 1 week: under-eye puffiness is reduced and women saw dark circles diminished". I've been using it for a week and frankly, my eyes look the same but the caffeine seems to be doing its job! What? You're not supposed to use it six times a day? Woooohoooo!!!!


  1. The first neophyte thought that comes to mind is that it seems to be a self-perpetuating product -- i.e., roll-on-the-cream to relieve puffiness -- get a shot of caffeine as a result -- fail to sleep because of the shot of caffeine--roll on more cream......and so on and so on. But if it gets rid of wrinkles anywhere on a person's face, I am all for it!!!!!

  2. By the way, I seem to have had to sign in as a blogger with my new Google blogging account before I was actually able to leave this comment. Again, neophyte so have no way of knowing if I could have entered a comment otherwise, but it seemed to not allow me to do it.